A data sharing platform built
to help teams to collaborate.
Send, backup and keep in sync
with just a drag and drop.

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Designed to collaborate

Focus your attention on what you matter most, your work.
Stop wasting time configuring shared folders
or looking for attachments in your clogged inbox.

Easy to use

Be more productive in no time.
We made it so simple you and your team already got it.
Using Fileshute is easier than sending a mail!

Any kind of data.

Go beyond files. Send and keep in sync also
Google Docs, bookmarks, notes and articles.
We're working hard to make it your one-stop hub.

Flexible pricing. Unlimited space.

Save all files and documents of your projects,
pay only for what you use.
And don't worry about space filling up or data to expire.

Secure and Private

Privacy is a big concern, especially for companies.
We keep your data secure and encrypted on our servers.
You're secrets are safe.
You're the only owner of your data.

For all your devices

Made for who's at the office and for travelers.
Fileshute will be available on every major platform:
Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

Designed for teams

About us

Our mission

We think of collaboration as the key to success and data sharing as a way to improve team working. We want to give you the best-in-class cloud storage collaboration tool to let you achieve the best results.

We're hiring!

To build great products we need a strong team. We're looking for skilled people to help us deliver even better services. Join us!

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